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Hard Drive Clicking?
Is your hard drive clicking or making a continuous ticking noise or grinding sound? Worst yet, do you smell a strange burning plastic odor? If so, your clicking hard drive likely has physical damage and will need to be sent in to a data recovery company for clean-room work. Contrary to what some other data recovery companies may tell you, a clicking hard drive is going to need a hands on approach to rebuild or repair the hard drive, then attempt to recover the data. Most companies focus on the less complex' data recoveries and do not have the technical experience to handle hard drive failures of this type.

When your hard drive fails and you hear a clicking or ticking sound, it is very important the hard drive be turned off immediately.

Ignoring or leaving a hard drive clicking will eventually make all the data unrecoverable. Hard drive clicking sounds, such as tapping, ticking, clicking or grinding, are generally the result of bad heads being unable to calibrate with the media servo tracks, which makes the hard drive keep resetting. A grinding sound is usually the result of a head crash and a requires specialized data recovery techniques to recover data. Hard Drive Clicking

Data Recovery For Your Situation
All data recovery companies all say the basically same thing, "We recover data"... which leaves you scratching your head and wondering: Which data recovery company can truely recover my critical files from a hard drive clicking or grinding; and which data recovery service has the right solution and best price for me?

Our goal is to give you reliable information, making it easier for you to choose which course of action to take. And, we can guide you, step by step, through the data recovery process. 

Why choose Sacramento Data Recovery?
We are part of a well known Nationwide Data Recovery company, which has been around since 1995. We are the local service center in the Sacramento and Northern California area. We are able to meet with clients in the Sacramento area and can have a FedEx label sent directly to any other business or individual across the country. Simply, take the label we send to you down to your local Kinkos - FedEx store and box your hard drive up. It will arrive at our location the next day.

Every day, companies and individuals just like you rely on us to help them understand which service or solution they may need. Whether it is deleted files, corrupted operating system, bad Windows update, a hard drive clicking, RAID array recovery, Outlook PST recovery, or restoring a SQL DB... Sacramento Data Recovery can help you make the right choice for your situation.

Referral Partner Program
We are always looking to partner with computer repair businesses, independant IT consultants, IT shops and other data recovery companies who wish to offer hardware recovery to their scope of data recovery options. If you are interested in becoming a referral partner anywhere in the nation, there are incentives we can offer to you. Please contact us for additional information.

Is your hard drive clicking or grinding?

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